two8two Bar & Burger

I’m a pretty skeptical guy. I’m skeptical of doctors, politicians, the government, taxes, tolls, societal norms, the difference between a disease and a condition, Yankee Candle scents, and much more. But, one does not have to be a skeptic to question almost everything about this new burger and hot dog place we found in Brooklyn near Barclay’s. The name makes no sense at all, but I like how it works into their logo (I guess). Next, when you look at the menu, you’ll notice that they have a signature special sauce that goes on everything. That’s a very bold move and a strong belief in their core. I like confidence (I guess). Lastly, they have an odd fascination with poblano chiles. I do love chile rellenos (I don’t guess, this is a fact), so I went in with an open mind.


Not only did I have to have an open mind, but certainly a wide open mouth and stomach to be able to handle the size of this wiener. Weighing in at a quarter pound and standing at almost a foot tall, this is no welterweight. This is a heavyweight dog layered with spicy-pepper-fat-cheese and some sauce. I was excited for my breakfast, because this was actually my first meal of the day. This is the signature two8two dog covered with roasted poblano chiles, cheddar cheese and two8two sauce. Bring on the heartburn.



The bun is perfectly toasted and does exactly what a bun should do: support the sausage and whatever it chose to wear to work that day. The sausage had great flavor, but lacked in the snap department. It also had a sort of wrinkled appearance and thick texture that may have been the result of either over-cooking or cooking method, I’m not sure. It was good, but I think the weakness of the wiener. #WoW (Weakness of the Wiener). The strength of the wiener was in the toppings. Poblano chiles, for that that aren’t familiar, are quite tasty and not overly spicy. These are roasted and tossed around in a sea of cheddar cheese that cools to form some sort of pepper glue that I imagine would make any reasonable non-lactose intolerant human being very happy, myself included. This then gets topped off with two8two sauce, which reminded me of a chipotle mayo, but lighter and with a hint of cheese. Overall, we have a huge, very fat, very demanding weenie that is damn good. I never thought I’d say this, but if it were a little smaller and the frank offered more juice and snap, this could be a top level wiener. It’s still stellar, and will receive:

4.282 weenies

See what I did there?



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