Who am I?

What an interesting question to ask yourself. Who am I? Well, I’m pretty young, semi-motivated, and interested only in things that don’t matter. Hailing from Virginia, I have been in a few locations around the east coast/midwest and have enjoyed every minute of it. I enjoy being social, eating, drinking, sounds in general, and appreciating the simple things in life. One such simple thing: hot dogs. Ever since I was a young boy the weenie has called my name. Frankfurters, weiners, dawgs, red hots, weenies — hot dogs. Incredibly American, customizable, and just downright delicious. There isn’t a much better feeling than having a cold brew in your left hand, the sun setting over your shoulder, and a grill full of hot weiners roasting in front of you. I’m a bonafide hot dog fan, and I want to share it with whoever will read it.


1. Each hot dog is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 weenies, 5 being the best.

2. Every hot dog must be ordered by saying “Your best hot dog, please.”

3. If it is a 2 dog visit, the second dog must be a classic with only yellow mustard.

The goal: to eat every hot dog in Manhattan and crown a king.

Welcome to New York Weenies… let’s go between the buns.

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  2. ivebeantomelbourne · December 7, 2015

    I LOVE hotdogs!!


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