Here we are again ladies and gentleman, another edition of NY Weenies @ Night. This particular night was quite spectacular. So spectacular in fact, that I’ll never forget it. I’m so excited to tell you, but I don’t want to spoil it, so let me walk you through the events of the evening first. Nobody is around. That is, nobody except the Mohanster. We first decide to have a unique dinner at a local hot spot. We then decide to indulge in a cocktail at a more local, less hot spot. It is then when another friend ajvc reminds us via text message that there is a concert that night. A concert? Who could be entertaining enough, talented enough, and epicly awesome enough to warrant paying to see in concert? 5 minutes later we were on our way to gallivanting in the realm of Miley Cyrus.


Proof. Also proof that if you wear a Christie Brinkley style leotard and a moon for an arm people will watch you sing. Also proof that you are a nutjob. So, since this is a hot dog blog, near Terminal 5 in Hell’s Kitchen is a wonderful craft beer bar called Valhalla. This is where we had our nightcap. Luckily for me, they serve hot dogs. If you looked up nightcap in my dictionary the definition would be: “1. A relaxing time enjoying a craft beer and a hot dog after a Miley Cyrus concert”. OK, maybe it wouldn’t have the Miley part, but we can get past that. The dogs here come with nothing on them – basic. But, in a sense, “basic”ally whatever you want on them. The friendly gentleman behind the counter suggested sauerkraut. I reluctantly agreed. Then, like Obi Wan, I waved my finger and said “this is not the kraut you’re looking for”, and they put it on the side. Sweet.

FullSizeRender (1)

There was no yellow mustard, but I slapped on some spicy brown and gave it a whirl. The quality of the sausage was good, it had a minor snap and very good flavor. It was also well prepared, as you can see by the grill marks. This place certainly doesn’t specialize in hot dogs, they specialize in beer, so I’m not going to knock them for having a lack of topping options or yellow mustard. I will knock them on the bun, though. You can almost see in the picture that it is quite airy. I don’t know about you, but when I say airy out loud I get a nostril-flared, sour look on my face and I feel acid climb up up my esophagus. Too much? No, the bun was just no good. They tried to toast it but it made it crusty. Crusty, now there’s another bad word. Don’t even get me started. The bun was crusty and airy. Crusty and airy and bland. Crusty and airy and bland, oh my! (Disclaimer: watch the Wizard of Oz to get that one.)

Quite honestly, I felt like I was eating a backyard dog grilled over the 4th of July with a slightly stale bun. As a fan of hot dogs, I’m never going to complain about that. Then I had a delicious local IPA to my right?! You kiddin’ me?

3 weenies

Valhalla is a great little bar for a great big beer. I highly recommend it. Their weenies are pretty good too. Until next time, knuckleheads.


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